PROZM™ SAM Program Manager

PROZM™ SAM (Software Asset Management) Program Manager Course is designed for experienced SAM Professionals who are interested in furthering their career as SAM Program Manager and Assessor.

 Eligibility : PROZM™ SAM PRO

The Certification training covers methodologies and guidelines for assessing following major aspects of a SAM Program

  1. Policy and Processes – Benchmarking for Maturity and Alignment with Best Practices and International Standards
  2. Process Interfaces – Review of Core SAM Process Interfaces to Key Organizational Process
  3. People skills – Assessment of Licensing and SAM Skills (Competencies, Professional Certifications, Trainings)
  4. Information Systems and Tools – Implementation efficiency of the tools deployed or lack of automation
  5. Reporting and Monitoring – review of key compliance parameters / Indicators considered
  6. Effective Licensing Position
  7. Conducting and reporting SAM Program Asessment