PROZM Certified Management System Operation Manager – IT SAM

This IT Software Asset Management Certification is aligned to the “PROZM ITAM Framework and ISO/IEC 19770-1 mapping”

This Certification is conceptualized and developed with inputs from IT Software Asset Management System Leads, Operation Managers, Consultants, Professional, Practitioners, Auditors, Subject Matter Experts, Trainers, Manufacturers, Tool Providers, Resellers, etc. The Certification is based on:

1. Software Asset Management System Overview

● Overview of ISO/IEC 19770 family
● Overview of ISO/IEC 19770-1

2. PROZM ITAM Framework

● Context to the Organization, Scope, Objectives and Stakeholders
● Policy and Organizational Structure

3. Management System Operation

● Asset Lifecycle Processes
● Resources and Competency

4. Management Reporting and Reviews

● Reports, Data Management and Tools
● Management Review

Eligibility Criteria: PROZM Certified Professional – IT SAM or equivalent certification from other bodies or 8 years post completion of secondary education. Candidate has to sign self declaration.

Training Duration: 8 Hours. Training is not mandatory to attempt the Certification Exam.

Exam Duration: 1 Hour. Exam Type: Multiple-Choice Questions Pass Score: 60%

Exam Attempts: Initial exam fees cover the first exam attempt and one retake if a candidate does not pass the exam on the 1st attempt. Retake validity is within 60 days of first attempt.

Certification Validity: 3 Years.

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