This Certification is conceptualized and developed with inputs from Cloud Asset Management, Cloud Financial Management and Cloud Cost Management SMEs, Consultants, Practitioners, Auditors, Trainers, Cloud Services Providers, Cloud Management Tool Providers, etc.

The Certification training is for Cloud Asset Managers, CloudOps Team members, Finance, Procurement, Business / Product Managers, Technology – Architect/Engineering/Development/Infrastructure, Governance Risk and Compliance professionals and Managers, etc. For high ROI on Certification training participations as above is suggested. 

  1. Cloud Asset Management Overview
    • Cloud Services and Resources (Assets)
    • Cloud Terminology
    • Objectives of Cloud Asset Management
  2. Cloud Asset Lifecycle
    • Lifecycle Stages and Activities
    • Asset Identification
    • Risk and Compliance Management
  3. Cloud Agreements
  4. Cloud Asset Data Management and Tools
    • Attributes
    • Cloud Provider Consoles, Dashboards and APIs
    • Tools and Interfaces with ITAM Tools
  5. Systematic Cloud Asset Management – Overview
    • Overview – ISO/IEC 197701-1
    • Systematic Cloud Asset Management
  6. Cloud Providers Overview
    Amazon, Microsoft, Google