Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Services Offered


  1. IP Management Program Development, trainings and learning
    1. IP training
    2. IP Management program development
    3. Customized programs for companies and aligned training and learning


  1. IP Program Assessment due diligence and consulting assignments
    1. Understanding companies IP processes, policies, controls and identifying process GAPS around various IP processes such as IP protection, IP risk and compliance, IP commercialization and licensing etc.
    2. Creating a plan and implementation strategy to mitigate/minimize the gap areas and help companies adopt industry best practices on IP strategy and management and under the above areas.
    3. Working with clients to implement the plan and strategy, create IP policies, controls, guidelines, processes, templates etc.
    4. Any other IP consulting assignments, survey, industry benchmark studies, reports, policies etc.


  1. IP Audits and IP Monetization Strategies
    1. Identify IP risks and compliance issues in companies/products/services, and mitigating the IP risks
    2. Evaluate IP commercialization and licensing strategies and align the strategies to company goals and objectives
    3. Evaluate templates/playbooks/contract templates for IP transactions and recommend changes aligning them to industry standards


  1. M&A Due Diligence
    1. Pre M&A IP due diligence
    2. Post M&A IP integration